Monday 12 June 2N1

I would like you to prepare a PowerPoint presentation on a band or artist of your choice.  Take your time and think carefully about your design.

Your presentation should be of a high quality, visually attractive and contain the following information:

  1. Title slide with band/artist name
  2. Background information on the artist – e.g. background info, where they are from, what instruments they play, etc
  3. Information on their musical career.  e.g. how they got into the music industry, tours, etc.
  4. Provide information on some of their hits, albums and awards.
  5. Tell me why you chose the artist/band.  Explain your choice and let me find out a little more about your taste in music.

Please save your work in your Docs or on GLOW.



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S2 Tuesday 2 May

You are going to research careers in the music industry and report back to the class during next week’s lesson.

Working in pairs, use your iPads to find relevant information.  You should take notes electronically, as long as you save or email yourself the information, or write your notes down on paper.

 (The iPads are shared across the whole school and your work can be lost).

  1. Go to
  2. Select Music Industry Roles.
  3. Focus on 2 of the featured roles.  Scan the information and provide a summary, in your own words,  of each role. What does the job entail? Any tips for getting into this line of work?
  4. Next, select Music Jobs and Opportunities. Choose 2 contrasting job advertisements and share what experience/qualifications are required and what the salary is.
  5. Select Success in Music and scroll down to Articles, Features and Resources. Select Understanding Copyright and summarise your findings.  (Find out who owns what and for how long)!
  6. Select Musician’s Guide to Band Agreements  – find out more about this and click a link to see a sample agreement.  Makes for interesting reading.

Music Competition Results

Well done to all of last night’s performers!  Our adjudicator, Mr Ken McLeod, has left his comments and is happy for me to pass them on to you.  Come and see me if you would like your copy.

Thanks to all the contestants and Mrs Bell’s woodwind players and the S3 singers.  A great night’s entertainment!  The results were as follows:

Junior Section

3rd – Sophie McCann

2nd – Lucas McIntosh

1st – Eilidh Henderson

Senior Section

3rd – Hazel Gardner

2nd – Flossie Roberts

1st – Mhairi Griffin

The Huntly Express will be in to school on Monday 27 March at 11am to take photos of the winners and runners up.  I will be in touch nearer the time!

SQA Music Performing Exams

Your final practical exam will take place on Monday 6 or Tuesday 7 March. Our visiting examiner is Mr Joss.  Please check the exam timetable sqa-music-practical-schedule This is also clearly displayed in the music department.

I am expecting you to make the most of all the extra help I have offered you and encourage you to add your name to the booking sheet outside my classroom.  These individual times will give you that extra bit of attention which could make all the difference to your overall grade.  The practical exam is worth 60% of your final award.

You should come to the music department 20 minutes before your exam time and ensure you have everything you require with you!

Work hard and good luck! 🙂


Mon 6 Feb S3 Class

Period 5

As you know, I am at a meeting today.

In preparation for our 1980s themed recital, which Mr Gaiter is going to try to come along to, I would like you to prepare a PowerPoint presentation.  This will be presented before you perform your chosen piece.  You should work together in your group, with some members doing the groundwork and research, and another pair in charge of designing and laying out the finished article.

Your presentation should be of a high quality, visually attractive and contain the following information:

  1. Your song title and the band/artist name
  2. The year it came from with images and relevant information (e.g. headlines, images, fashion of that year)
  3. Information on the artist(s) and images
  4. What happened to your band?  Where are they now?  Info and images. (This may need more than on slide depending on what you discover).
  5. Any other relevant information

Please save your work in your Docs and if you do not manage to finish today, you will get the opportunity to do so in class.  I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!